Healdsburg Water Carnival


72cdefb7ba1f46c406ec5f1b89180038The annual Healdsburg Water Carnival is coming next weekend to Memorial Beach in Healdsburg. This has been a Sonoma County tradition since 1905. The carnival hasn’t exactly been uninterrupted, WWII, and the retrofitting of the Healdsburg bridge have caused the festival to skip some years.

The carnival brings in thousands of guests who want to enjoy a safe (lifeguarded) place to swim while enjoying water floats, a 60′ water slide, music, food, and vendors from around the county.

This year, the carnival benefits Sonoma County Regional Parks “Water Safety Patrol” program. The program consists of bilingual parks staff and lifeguards who travel up and down the river passing out free life vests for nonswimmers who want to play in the water.

Healdsburg Water Carnival Sandy the swan

Come enjoy this one-day festival Saturday, July 15th 11 am – 5 pm.

Water Festival Events:
Floating wine barrel races
Zoom Flume 60′ river slide
Kids games
Live music: Rosetown Soul (R&B review)
Pedal boats
Food trucks to include:
     Diaz Catering
     Rossoti’s Hot Dogs
     The Wurst
     And more…


A Healdsburg tradition since 1905

When: Saturday, July 15th 11 am – 5 pm
Where: Memorial Beach 15 Healdsburg Ave Healdsburg, CA
Cost: Free for walk-in. Standard park parking fee
More info: Carnival



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 Originally posted on ActiveRain 7/10/2017


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